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When my wife and I were expecting our child, one of the first things that we were concerned about was finding good quality daycare. It's a nervous time knowing that you're going to put your child in someone else's care. Someone, frankly, you probably have never met. During our search, my wife was told of a place in Holmen that would be great for our baby. My wife visited and when she came back to tell me, she looked at me and said, “I think we found our daycare.” That was just over 3 years ago. We are still there to this day with 2 children in their care. Why? Easy to answer. The staff put our mind at ease. Many staff members are parents in their own right, so they treat your child as they would their own. From breakfast time, to play time, to nap time, and any other time of the day, our children are watched over with care while being taught skills that will hopefully move them forward when they go to school. Kim and the staff keep us updated on things that went well, and on those occasions, when the kids may have not had their best days either. It's a blessing knowing that when we drop off our children, they are in good hands of people that care about your child and you! That's what families strive for every day, care and compassion for your child. If you're looking for child care for your family, it's a place we'd recommend to try.

Rick T.  Parent from Holmen Children’s Palace Preschool & Childcare