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Children’s Palace Preschool and Childcare believes that each child has individual needs to be provided for by a qualified and loving team of caregivers. All children are to be treated with love and respect and in return each caregiver will expect the same. Children’s Palace offers a loving and nurturing environment for all children to learn and grow through play. We believe that the Wisconsin Department of Children and Family Services has a sound set of Childcare Provider rules and regulations, which we follow at all times, to provide a safe and positive childcare experience.

We work hard to find team players who will promote and practice the philosophy of Children’s Palace and the Wisconsin Department of Child and Family Service’s regulations. The staff at Children’s Palace are all registered through the Wisconsin Child Care Registry Program.  We perform and extensive background check on individuals prior to being hired. Our staff members are qualified for the position they hold, and are CPR, first aid, and AED trained through the American Red Cross. We require our staff to participate in a minimum of 25 hours in continued education in the field of Early Childhood.

Our friends at Children’s Palace are offered meals approved by the Department of Public Instruction including breakfast, lunch and snack time. We also provide formula for our infants.

A day at Children’s Palace begins after breakfast with the Pledge of Allegiance in all classrooms! Our teachers implement their lesson plans based off of Creative Curriculum for 90 minutes in the morning followed with outside time to work on our gross motor skills. When we come inside we practice good hygiene skills while using the restroom before lunch. All children are required to follow lunch with a minimum of 30 minutes rest time (per the state of WI). Those of our friends who are not resting after 30 minutes are offered a quiet nap time activity until rest time is over. Each day after nap time we have a snack. After Snack time you will hear a lot of giggles when “free play" starts up again. We believe in providing multiple toys, games and activities both in and outside to keep our friends busy and and having fun while waiting for the arrival of their guardians at the end of the day.